iPad apps and activities- Part 2

Next, I decided to do a unit on Little Red Riding Hood. Perhaps I was inspired by the new TV shows Once Upon a Time or Grimm, but I knew the story would translate across cultures and we would be starting with already developed schema. This unit is leading into reading a novel, so I want to shore up my students comprehension for that.

First, I introduced the story of Little Red Riding Hood by viewing a YouTube video of a British version. I then used a SmartBoard activity I found on SmartExchange to go over the characters, setting, problem, and solution of the story. We then viewed Lon Po Po on YouTube and completed the SmartBoard lesson. Next up was a Reader’s Theater script. The next time I do this type of activity, I would use GoodReader, but instead we did paper version so the students could highlight the script. Now we were ready to use the iPads for creating a project. Students went to Google Images and saved images of each of the five main characters and three settings in their camera rolls. They then used Puppet Pals (buy the Director’s Pass– it’s worth the money over the free one). Each student was responsible for adding their characters and setting them up properly into the app. The students then broke into 2 groups and recorded the actions and voices for the puppets. The key language learning that went on during this part of the activity was they students had to take the reader’s theater previously used and simplify the script. They also had to make the actions represent the words which demonstrated deep understanding of the text. The ELLs did a great job with this. They even incorporated humor, which was amazing for these low beginners to intermediate students. Lastly, the kids exported the movies into iMovie, connected the clips together, and exported once again to my YouTube channel. Wow, did they ever work hard!


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