Success with AirPlay!

Yesterday, I finally was successful in projecting exactly what was on my iPad wirelessly to an older projector with only VGA. It took 3 tries to find the correct converter box, but ViewHD was the success. I was able to hook up the projector to the converter and the converter to an Apple TV. The key to the proper conversion was HD in to VGA out. A lot of the other converters were doing the opposite.  I then used AirPlay to mirror what was on my iPad. Today, I did it again, only this time, my high school students figured out how to do it, as well. Five minutes later of them booting each other off of the projector screen, we settled down to read our iBook of I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. This novel study is going well. I purchased a wireless speaker to attach to my iPad and we use that to listen to the audiobook and follow with the ebook. We use the highlighting tool to highlight difficult vocabulary, the dictionary tool to look up a word (although my new favorite dictionary is and our Google Site to share definitions and summaries. I have also started a forum site on Leflora to have the students answer discussion questions. The kids seem to like the content and how I’m delivering it. It’s been a good, but busy week.


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