iPad deployment

This year we went forward with using our Title III funds to purchase an iPad for each of our ELLs in the ESL 9-12 classroom. There are currently 12 students in that class and 1 teacher. We have 17 iPad2s and intend to buy 3 more to complete a 20 set. We’ve had an interesting beginning of the year roll-out. I’ll lay out some issues we’ve been having. My next post will be the successes (including what projects my students have been working on).
* We are still waiting for our iPad cart to arrive from Griffin Technology. It’s going to be 2 10-dock charging/stations which we will put on a mobile cart with a designated Macbook to help sync with iTunes. Without this cart, charging is a miserable experience and syncing is even worse. We expect the cart to arrive next week.
*We created a Master iPad and used iTunes to back-up and restore to create clones for the other devices. However, without the cart, we cannot sync the folders where apps are organized and we lose all app data. For instance, Strip Design lost the strips the students had been working on when we tried to restore to get all the iPads to look identical. In addition, when we do sync the pads together, students then get into the email account from the one student’s iPad we used as a Master Student device. We have some ideas for how to correct this including Mobile Device Management software or creating a separate iTunes email for each pad. Since these iPads are 1:1 and with high school students, we want them to be a consumer device for each student, but easy to manage apps as well.
*We are looking into how to create a wireless iPad projection. We currently have SMARTBoards in every classroom with a mounted projector and a Mac Mini. The obvious way to project the iPad2s are through AirPlay and Apple TV. However, ATV does not work with VGA, which is the only component the projectors use. We tried two converters (Sewell Direct and AVDemand) and neither worked. We think the issue is needing to go HDMI to VGA, not the reverse. We think we found one that will finally work. I will update when it arrives and is tested.